Natural first aid kit

Minor bumps, bruises and cuts, as well as coughs and colds, can be safely treated using natural products that are easy to find at your local Healthy Life store.

Aloe Vera gel

Look for pure aloe vera gel to sooth, cool and reduce redness. Apply to minor burns, sunburn or itchy skin.

Arnica tablets and Arnica cream

Arnica helps reduce bruising and swelling. It can be taken both internally as a homeopathic medicine and externally as a cream on unbroken skin.

Calendula cream

Calendula has antiseptic and wound healing properties. Apply to cuts and to soothe itches and rashes.

Echinacea liquid or tablets

Echinacea is great for boosting the immune system and fighting infection, so is ideal for colds, flu and minor infections.

Manuka honey

For antibacterial activity, choose UMF-rated Manuka honey. A teaspoon can soothe a sore throat or a tickly cough. To speed up healing, apply to minor wounds and cover with a dressing.

Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence drops

Use these calming drops under the tongue in times of shock, trauma, stress or anxiety.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and antifungal treatment. Use slightly diluted to clean cuts and abrasions, or dab a drop on inset bites to reduce itching and swelling. For fungal infections of the skin and nails, apply diluted several times a day. It also calm rashes from plant stings.