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The main objective of using home automation solutions is to make our day to day easy and fluid. As everything works with remote control, you no longer have to get up and open the blinds. Simply press the desired button on the remote control and the Somfy motorized blinds will open automatically. The remote control operates with high torque, ensuring that no sound is heard. However, there are still people who believe in the old way of using curtains and drapes in their homes. They are reluctant to switch to home automation solutions. To help you get out of this dilemma and make you more comfortable using motorized shades, today we are going to address a common question about motorized shades.


Why choose Somfy motorized blinds?

Somfy motorized blinds are fully remote-controlled and can be monitored from anywhere in the room. You don’t have to get up to open or close the curtains. Just press the corresponding button on the remote and it will do the right thing. These shades have a sleek look and are quite stylish overall.


Is it safe to use Somfy motorized blinds?

Yeah sure. What made you think it wouldn’t be safe? Motorized blinds are made of the highest quality materials. The curtains are then checked for quality before they are marketed. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.


What about the warranty on Somfy motorized blinds?

Every Somfy product is guaranteed for 5 years. If there is a problem, Somfy will repair or replace it free of charge. You do not have to bear any expenses if something happens during the warranty period.


Are Somfy motorized blinds expensive?

If you compare the cost with curtains and drapes, then yes, they are expensive. But if you compare it with other motorized blinds on the market, they are not. Somfy motorized blinds offer excellent value for money. You can be sure of the product for the next 5 years from the date of purchase.


Do you offer an installation service?

It depends from store to store. The store where you buy the item will decide whether or not to send a professional to install the blinds. However, when you buy Somfy automation motorized blinds from an authorized store, they send you a professional to install them. The professional will also give you a demonstration so that you understand how everything works. Also, you can always refer to the manual in case of confusion.


What about customer service?

Most stores have customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a problem and contact customer service, you can expect a quick response at all times.