Five Simple Steps To Increase Energy

A busy lifestyle is often the excuse used to avoid taking care of yourself. Being busy though needs energy to enjoy what you do. Plan to change one habit at a time with these simple steps so that you can work, rest and play with increased energy.

One of the most common reasons people feel fatigued is dehydration. Drinking more water can boost energy levels and mood. Aim to drink 1 litre per 25 kg of body weight per day.  Consider installing a water filter at home for an extra promote to drink more.
TRY: Infuse water with cucumber,  lemon and mint for a refreshing summery drink.

Swap processed foods for whole grains, seeds & fresh vegetables. These take longer for your body to break down  so you feel fuller for longer.
TRY: Next time you feel that mid-afternoon slump, grab a handful of almonds, pepitas and sunflower seeds instead.

Feeling tense? Take deep breaths into your belly, moving your diaphragm to instantly switch off your ‘fight or flight’ response. You’ll feel calmer, giving you a fresh burst of energy for the rest of the day.

That’s right, laugh out loud! Studies show laughter can reduce stress and anxiety and instantly increase energy levels.
TRY: Check out your local comedy night. Gather a few of your friends and turn it into a fun night out with a laughfest and see who laughs loudest.

If you’ve been sitting at your desk all day, get up and stretch to invigorate your body and increase blood and oxygen flow every 20-30 minutes.
TRY: Yoga after work for an energy and mood boost.