Know the benefits of using supplements for muscle recovery

If you love spending time in the gym for achieving the desired kind of body then you should also make sure that you are giving an ample amount of rest to your body. You should work out for a long period of time for getting into excellent shape but after the workout sessions, you should look for the best supplements for muscle recovery. This is especially important because the right kind of supplements will help your body to reenergize and relax after a hard session at the gym. Additionally, these supplements are very important as it enables your muscle to get repair after it has been subjected to wear and tear. Workout recovery should not be underestimated because the absence of this can lead to endless fatigue and your physical progress will be stalled.


The best muscle recovery supplement is very important because it helps in raising the depleted energy levels so that you will not face fatigue even after working out for long hours. You will not have to suffer from lousy workouts or inflammation when you are using the right supplements that are needed for recovery. Additionally, muscle rehabilitation is very important as your muscles are highly


Where to buy supplements Australia

If you are considering buying supplements and are wondering where to buy supplements in Australia then you need to know that you can find them in many health and fitness stores all over Australia. However, if you are looking for a wide variety of options to choose from then you should consider buying them from online supplement stores. While looking for supplements online, you need to ensure that you look for them only in good and reliable online stores. Though you would find them easily in many online stores, the good and reliable ones would provide good quality supplements that won’t harm you. In order to know whether the online supplement store you are considering is good and reliable or not, you can read customer reviews. You would easily find many customer reviews online that would really help you to make the right decision.


While buying any kind of supplements, it is very important to thoroughly research them. You need to ensure that you are putting the right products into your body. Moreover, since you are investing your hard earned money into it, you also need to ensure that the product that you are buying would be as effective …


Swapping this for that

With a growing epidemic of food intolerances, even ‘healthy’ foods may not be the correct choice for some people. If you have a negative reaction to a food or food group, most likely you should swap it for something else.

Examples of common negative reactions to foods may be:

Bloating after meals: Sluggish or fatigue after eating: Nausea: Indigestion: Headaches: Weight gain: Dizziness: Lethargy: Irritability or Aggression

Simple dietary changes (or swaps) can make a huge difference to your health. The easiest way to start, is to eat foods that keep your tummy happy. Your gut is the centre of your immune system and metabolism. If your digestion is adequate, your body finds it easier to function.

Remember to change your daily eating regimes every couple of weeks (especially to avoid plateau in weight loss regimes). Our bodies can’t always tolerate the same foods over and over again, you’d be surprised at how quickly your body can respond. Opt to reduce foods that are high in refined sugars, carbohydrates and artificial flavours. High sugar diets increase fat storage in the body, possibly leading to weight gain and chronic conditions such as insulin resistance and diabetes. Excess sugar consumption can leave …


Swap to healthy habits for life

Would you like to make some positive changes and have healthy weight for a healthy life? The good news is, by making some simple changes to our eating and physical activity we can lose weight, keep it off and boost our health for a lifetime.

A good place to begin is to reassess those old habits and set some realistic goals.

One way to start doing this is to keep a simple diary for a few weeks to track our eating and physical activity, as this can help with setting achievable goals and planning our positive changes to accomplish them.

Get off to a good start with these healthy weight loss tips

  • Have regular healthy meals – including breakfast with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. If you’re not sure of what you should be eating, our Healthy Life team can assist.
  • Include a protein portion with every meal.
  • Keep on the move, sit less and set goals to be more active every day. Remember that small steps gain big strides towards reaching your goals.
  • Pre-plan your weekly menu and shop accordingly.
  • Switch over to healthy cooking habits by choosing simple, tasty and healthy recipes that the

Healthy Buzzwords Decoded


In today’s language the buzzword Spirulina is often used – but what is Spirulina? Spirulina is a natural food source of many nutrients to benefit and nourish your body including beta-carotene (a source of Vitamin A), Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and iron for energy! It is a powerhouse of chlorophyll which is the pigment responsible for its deep green colour, which has been scientifically researched as a natural antioxidant. Spirulina is a great addition to your daily diet, and can be added to smoothies, juice or can be used as an ingredient in protein balls. Spirulina is grown in fresh, alkaline water, which helps it to maintain the benefits.


First, like any infection or injury, our bodies develop inflammation as a defence mechanism and part of the healing process. Twist an ankle and it swells up in part to alert you to the injury, in part to help protect itself against further trauma, and in part to start the healing process. When you include anti-inflammatory foods at each meal, you can help protect your body one meal at a time. Your diet pattern overall should be packed with all of the good stuff by …


The Benefits Of Detoxification

Without doubt, your diet goes a long way to dictating the health of your liver. If you eat a lot of high fat, high sugar, processed foods, drink alcohol regularly, or consume caffeine daily – over time your liver can become stressed, fatigued and over-burdened. 

The most common signs of an overworked liver include:

  • Indigestion following a meal (especially if the meal is high in fat)
  • Poor skin (due to toxic overload)
  • Digestive discomfort (including nausea, flatulence and foul odours from poorly digested food matter fermenting in your digestive tract)
  • Bad breath (which is also a sign you are not digesting your food properly
  • long lasting hangovers, experienced from over-indulging (be it in alcohol, sugar laden foods or fatty foods)


Interestingly, the liver is the only organ in the body that regenerates itself, meaning if you have a portion of your liver that has been damaged by an unhealthy lifestyle your body can heal and regrow healthy tissue to replace the damaged portions. By giving your liver a break (especially following particularly indulgent times like Christmas and New Year’s), and excluding toxic nutrients (such as sugar and alcohol), you re-charge the organ, allowing it to restore itself to good …


Do You Want Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails?

Concerned that your hair is falling out, getting thinner, or losing condition? Or perhaps you’re just fed up with having hair that’s dry, dull, brittle or prone to split ends? We know that what you see when you look in the mirror each day has a big impact on your self-esteem and how comfortable you feel interacting with others socially, at work, home and school. 

The traditional Chinese understanding of hair health

In Chinese medicine, the growth and development of the hair depends on the health of the Kidney and Liver organ-meridian systems, with Kidney Essence (Jing) influencing the growth of the hair, and Liver Blood providing nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles.
Deficiency of either Jing or Liver Blood may have detrimental effects on the hair, leading to issues such as dryness, brittleness, premature greying, and hair loss including male and female pattern baldness (sometimes called androgenic alopecia) and alopecia (including spot or patchy baldness).
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, a synergistic combination of specific herbs can promote hair growth by revitalising nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles, and may aid in the management of:

  • Hair loss and general thinning of the hair, including receding

Weight – It’s A Balancing Act To Lighten Up

Making a commitment to maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being.

Being a healthy weight has important benefits, not only on how you feel, but also for lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, sleeping problems, joint pain and a range of other conditions.

When our weight changes it generally comes down to two factors – how much we eat and drink (energy in), and how active we are (energy out). It’s all about achieving a balance: If we don’t use up all the energy we consume, the excess will be stored as body fat, and over time our body weight will increase.

‘Apple-shaped’ bodies carry more weight around their middle and are a greater health risk than ‘pear-shaped’ bodies where weight is carried more around the hips and thighs. When estrogen levels drop during menopause, women are more likely to develop more fat around the abdomen.

We know that people come in all shapes and sizes so what might be a healthy weight for one person isn’t necessarily healthy for another. At Healthy Life we believe that an individual approach is better for the long term.

So if …


Secrets Of The Dandelion

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) grows as perennial native herb throughout the northern hemisphere and as a weed in other temperate zones. It has a long history of both medicinal and culinary use. In western herbal medicine, Dandelion leaves are used as a diuretic and the root as a liver tonic. Dandelion leaves are added to salads, providing a good source of minerals and the roasted root is used as a coffee substitute.  

Its name originates from the French ‘dent de lion’ (teeth of the lion), referring to the jagged edges of the dandelion leaf. This plant has its roots firmly planted in the historical use of herbs as medicines. The first mention of the Dandelion as a medicine is in the works of the Arabian physicians of the tenth and eleventh centuries.

The benefits of dandelion tea have been known for centuries and the combination of dandelion and burdock in mead, a drink made during the Middle Ages in Britain, has seen the drink evolve to various forms in cordial, wine, a carbonated soda, and even beer. Dandelion leaves are a powerhouse of nutrition, containing beta-carotene, vitamin C, D, B complex, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, calcium, copper and particularly potassium. …


Supplements To Build Better Immunity

Can you believe that winter is just around the corner? So when do we start to build immunity against coughs and colds? The answer to this of course is that we should always be mindful to have a strong immune system but with such busy lifestyles, we sometimes let our health take a back seat. Supplements are therefore essential to maintain winter wellness for lasting health – but how do we know which supplements are best?
Five ways to be a health hero is to know the facts with the right information to make the right choices. Our list shows why these supplements will assist to protect you before the winter blues set in.


Or purple coneflower, originally a native indigenous American medicinal herb, has now been adopted by Western Herbal medicine due to its health benefits. It may support healthy immune function, and may help to lessen the duration and severity of the symptoms of colds and other mild upper respiratory tract infections. It was recorded in a traditional American herbal text published in 1905, King’s Dispensatory, as being useful for conditions ranging from snakebite to scarlet fever! This of course is not supported by modern scientific research, …